Polyformaldehyde is a kind of engineering plastics which has good comprehensive performance. According to its polymerization way, polyformaldehyde can be divided into copolyformaldehyde or homopolyacetal. Compared with homopolyacetal, copolyformaldehyde has better thermal stability and processing performance. In 1999, Yunnan Yuntianhua Co., Ltd has become the first high quality copolyformaldehyde manufacturer after introduced the European advanced technology. At present, there are two copolyformaldehyde production bases are set up, one positioned at Shuifu county of Yunnan province, the other is positioned at Changshou area of Chongqing city. Now our company have the copolyformaldehyde yearly capacity for 10,0000 tons. 
    Yunnan Yutianhua Co., Ltd has cooperated with well-known universities (Sichuan University, Tsinghua University and so on) at the same time with increasing the production scale continuously. We are cooperating with the well-known universities to establish the copolyformaldehyde technology development center and technical service center together. 
    In 2009, Yuntianhua has invested a large amount of money in building the Engineering plastics Research and Development Center in Yanjia industry park, Changshou area, Chongqing city to promote the Yuntianhua polyformaldehyde new product’s research and development capability so that we can strong the core competence of Yuntianhua polyformaldehyde. This center has built in Aug, 2010. This center has set up and will be put into operation so that the polyformaldehyde new product’s research and development capability and application development capability will be improved helpfully. We can provide the good quality product and satisfy service for our clients.

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