KOCETAL® refers to polyacetal resin of a copolymer type,

And is a material of an excellent quality with features of excellent anti-friction/anti-wear, chemical-resistance, heat-resisting stability, precise dimensions and molding abilities. It is mainly applied in gear or roller, and is used for various purposes over the fields of cars, office equipment and living materials.

Production of Low-VOCs POM of the World-Best Quality

Following POM (Brand name: KOCETAL) products that are made by our independent technology development, KOLON Plastics has developed low-VOCs(volatile organic chemicals) POM resin of the world-best quality with almost no emission during the process of formaldehyde that is harmful to human body for the first time in Korea.

The low-VOCsPOM of KOLON Plastics has less than 0.5ppm formaldehyde emission, which is almost 1/20 of normal POM (around 10ppm) and about 1/10 maximum of that of the low VOCs of the competitors, and is being evaluated as the world-best standard environment-friendly material.

The low-VOCs POM that KOLON Plastics is supplying has passed strict environment regulations of Europe, North America and Japan, and especially, the material has notably less emission of formaldehyde even when it is re-used, thus it is very environment-friendly.



PolyPhenylene Sulfide (PPS) resin is one kind of SUPER Engineering Plastics beyond the performance of Engineering Plastics. It is mainly used for precision parts that require the high dimension stability. The property of low absorption of the product whose value is close to '0' makes the high quality of the dimension stability after injection with the excellent melt viscosity. Also, its special property of the high and consecutive using temperature and self-extinguishing character extends the range of the usage for the part of the car, electric and electronic industry that require the high heat resistance and the flame resistance.


KOPEL® is a thermoplastic polyester elastomer, which is a new engineering thermoplastic elastomer combining the properties of conventional rubber and thermoplastic. Its flexibility and elastic recovery are very similar to rubber, but its processability is much superior to rubber.

While its flexibility and elastic recovery are similar to rubber, its mechanical properties, heat resistance, weather resistance and UV stability are far better than the performance of conventional rubber.


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