CHEMLON® brand nylon 6 and 66 can be found in underhood, underchassis, exterior and interior applications. Several Tier 1 supplier have chosen Chemlon resins for use in OE designs such as engine covers, fan shrouds, spring seats, connectors, substrates and fastening systems. Many compounds are specifically tailored to meet demanding requirements found in harsh underhood and exterior environments.
CHEMLON® brand flame retardant nylon 6 and 66 are available in both reinforced and unreinforced grades. Chem Polymer is a leader in non-halogenated FR systems, delivering a unique balance in properties and flammability performance. All of these products are available in natural, black and custom colors

Apex® rigid PVC 

APEX® rigid PVC compounds in formulations specifically developed for injection molding, extrusion or injection blow molding and profile and sheet applications. We draw on decades of experience in formulating and compounding vinyl, including technologies developed by our subsidiary Teknor Apex Asia Pacific, a longtime specialist in rigid PVC compounds.
Standard grades are available in natural, clear, or white formulations and we can supply custom compounds in a wide range of colors. Property selections include:

  • Filled or unfilled
  • Standard, medium, or high impact
  • Flame retardant / low smoke
  • Medical or food grade
  • Gamma-stable
  • High gloss or matte
  • High flow
  • Interior or weatherable

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