Polyolefin Elastomer (TPO)

SARLINK® is an elastomer having a combination of both the features of rubbers and plastics.
Molding processes, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, and blow molding can be performed.
Wide range of hardness grades can meet the needs of customers.

Reinforced Polyester

VYLOPET® is a polyester resin developed by TOYOBO specially targeted for injection molding. Polyester resins have excellent heat resistance, rigidity, chemical resistance, and electric properties. VYLOPET® including such excellent features gives satisfactory use to the customers for weight reduction of auto-parts, electric/electronic parts and mechanical components, and also coloring, complex designing, and Value Added.

Polyester Elastomer (TPEE)

 is the trade name of a thermoplastic polyester elastomer as TOYOBO’s proudest boast. PELPRENE is an engineering elastomer having a combination of both the features of rubbers and engineering plastics.Thus, PELPRENE eliminates the demarcation between rubbers and engineering plastics. PELPRENE can be processed through injection molding, extrusion, blow molding and so on, into the various kinds of articles covering from micro-precision parts to thin wide-sheets. Among thermoplasticelastomers (TEP), PELPRENE is ranked closest to the engineering plastics, and marked as most reliable material.


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